China Day 6- Adoption Day

Today was our first morning with Kai! After cleaning up the blowout situation, we headed down to breakfast. It was so amazing to see all of the other families, now all with one more kiddo! We enjoyed another Hilton breakfast- yum! Kai had eggs and steamed bun, and he did great taking it all in!

The kids back home were so happy to see there was an option for crispy bacon, unlike our last trip where it was ALWAYS soggy! YUCK!

We had to be on the bus at 9 to head to the adoption finalization. I carried Kai for the first time in the k’tan carrier- boy he is heavy! 34ish pounds. Who needs CrossFit in China when I have a built-in weighted vest?! The first place we went, we just waited around for our turn. We signed the adoption certificate, and the official handed it to us, and that was that. Kai Moore Clemens was officially our son! Then we headed back to the hotel for a lunch break. We had peanut butter sandwiches in the room, and busted open the Chinese Doritos. They weren’t bad and tasted a lot like the ones at home! Then we played in the room for a bit before heading out for more appointments- this time passport photos and applying for Kai’s passport so he can come home!

The offices we went to were both CRAZY! Again, no lines, and just chaos. But, somehow, we got his cute passport picture made and then applied for his passport. Then we headed back to the hotel and played in the room some more. The smog was AWFUL and it is cold, so there really isn’t much to do besides being in the room. We’ve gone on LOTS of walks and elevator rides too!

We decided to venture out on our own for dinner, so we headed to another Chinese restaurant close to our hotel and recommended to us buy our guides. On our way there, a couple stopped us to take selfies with them. This was our first “paparazzi” experience- remember the last trip and Jack’s blonde hair?? Clearly he and Chloe are much cuter than Trey and I, because it took 6 days in China for someone to want our picture! Haha!

Once we found the restaurant, we were brought to a private room with a large round table. We quickly realized no one spoke English, so we pulled out the Google translate! The menu actually had pictures and english words, so we were able to order fairly easily, but we had no idea what we were about to get!

First they brought us a HUGE bowl of fried rice, then the pork came. We ordered sweet and sour pork, but we didn’t know the “sweet” part meant SPRINKLES! Yes, like sprinkles you find on your Super Chix Custard. Colored sprinkles. On our pork. All I can say is #becausechina! It is just so funny! We laughed and laughed! We also got our green onion pancakes, but somehow we had ordered 2 huge platters of them! Hilarious. We tried the pork, but it was filled with bones, so we stopped eating that and stuck to the rice and pancakes.

What an adventure! Kai was happy the whole time with his rice and a few snacks we had brought him. We finished up our crazy dinner and headed home for bath time and bed! We decided not to give Kai a bottle, thinking that maybe it would upset his stomach, so we read a couple of books and laid him down and he was OUT. We were worried how night 2 would go, but he slept until 4 in his crib, and another 2 hours with us, so that was HUGE!! We were all so happy to get some good sleep!

What a day! We officially have another Clemens, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!

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