Preschool for the win! And Christmas is officially over. :(

Thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers yesterday! Lila Mei had a great day at preschool. The teacher said she only had to tell her “sweet hands” one time! You see, now Lila Mei doesn’t yell at new friends, she hits them! Yikes!! I really think it is coming from her not having words to say, plus I think she feels threatened by other kids, so that combo makes it a natural reaction for her to hit {I think!}. So, we are working on the sign “nice” or “sweet” and I am hopeful that this will be a short lived phase. I have to say, a break from the screaming has been nice! ;) I am thankful that other than the hitting she had a great day!

When I picked her up, she was playing with a little kitchen. The teacher said “Lila, your Mommy is here!”  and Lila whipped her head around, pointed at me and screamed “MOMMY!!!!” and then ran to me and wouldn’t let me put her down for a good while! I am SO thankful that she had so much fun at school with her friends, but that she knows mommy and wanted to go home! Next week she will stay until 3 on Wednesdays, so I will have a longer break while she naps there, but I wanted to ease into her new routine so I picked her up at lunchtime. To celebrate a great first day, we headed to Chick Fil A!

Don’t let that smile fool you, a minute after this picture she threw the biggest fit because I asked her to slow down on her chicken. Another thing we are working on right now is over-stuffing her mouth with food. Our speech therapist is working on it through food therapy and we have learned some good tricks, but the other night she scared us half to death by choking on a HUGE mouthful of chicken. I seriously thought I was going to have to do the Heimlich. That makes TWICE that I’ve thought that with our girl! {remember when she choked on a sucker in the airplane coming home???} And yes, both times when blogging about it I had to Google how to spell it. Ha.

I quickly realized that we should have just come home for lunch, so we wrapped it up and got home for a nap before getting the bigs from school!

And speaking of the bigs, last night we took down the Christmas tree, and you would have thought the world was ending. They were both bawling and Jack started singing “Oh Christmas tree, my Christmas tree, lit up like a star…” and getting so sad. Chloe kept saying “Why do y’all have to take down the best tree ever???”

Those are real tears, people.


We did have a great Christmas tree this year and I was sad to say goodbye to it too! This morning my coffee and quiet time were just not the same! But, I like that the house is almost put back together after the holiday crazy. And, Christmas will be here again before we know it!

{PS I just realized our awesome paper on one of our windows is in the pic above! We just got plantation shutters for the house but one of them couldn’t be installed the same day as the rest! So, we have had paper on that window for two weeks and it is driving me crazy. They are going to come soon to install the last shutters!}

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