New friends.

Yesterday was such a special day! I have a good friend {hi Kristi!!} that introduced me to a friend of hers last summer that was also in the process of adopting from China. They brought their little girl home not too long ago, and yesterday we were able to meet up for a fun play date for Lila and her new friend! They were so sweet together and I cannot wait for more playdates with this cutie and her momma.


These last six+ months have been some of the sweetest yet hardest we’ve been through. As much as we LOVE, love, LOVE our sweet Lila Mei and most of our time together is so much fun, adoption is just hard. It comes from such a sad, broken place. You have to approach everything differently with a child who spent two years in an orphanage without much interaction, love, affection, food, etc. You can’t really compare her speech, her attachment, her development to a child who is born into a biological family. It’s just different. It has been such a learning process, and to have another momma friend say “YES. I KNOW!” was just huge for me. So many of our friends and family have poured so much into us over the last six months, and now God has blessed me with a friend that is going through so many similar things when it comes to adoption and attachment! I am so thankful! There are actually a handful of us that adopted young girls from China within the last year that live in the DFW area, so we talked about getting together with everyone {and if you are new here and fall into this category please let me know!}. I can only imagine how great will it be for Lila to have a set of friends all adopted from China. God continues to do even more than we could ask or imagine!



  1. Jennifer

    Do you read Mix and Match Mama’s blog? She lives in McKinney, TX and they just adopted a little girl from China last January (so a year ago). It has been so neat to see both of you with your girls!

  2. Michelle

    Hi- I just stumbled upon your blog as I searched for adoption blogs from June 2015. I think our little girls were in the same room at the same orphanage! We were there just a couple of weeks before you. We’d love to connect – hope to hear from you!

  3. Yun

    I am so happy to have found your blog. We
    just mailed in our i800a last Thursday. We have been waiting for over 10 years, and we are also working with GWCA. We hope to hear to get match in the near future. Btw…. we live in Dallas, too.

    1. Author

      Hi! So glad you found the blog! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! So excited for you as you get closer to your son or daughter- 10 years is so long!

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