We are enjoying the last bit of summer! I keep telling people that it feels like it just started. With packing for China and then being in China for three weeks, and then recovering from jet lag— I feel like we’ve only had a couple of weeks of real “summer”! And now school starts in less than two weeks. Have I told you that Jack is starting KINDERGARTEN??

*insert tears and kicking and screaming*

I am NOT ready. He is my baby boy. How can he be ready for big boy school? I seriously cannot believe how fast the time flew having him at home with me. We had so many “Mommy Jackie Days” – and now they are coming to an end. I am sad. I know he is ready and it is going to be great, but the first day of Kindergarten is like a new phase of life starts for him and us! I remember feeling the same way with Chloe and it is true, our life changed a lot once she started school. I am looking forward to having both of them on the same schedule at the same school! That will be so nice not having to drive around for hours dropping off and picking up every day.

And Chloe- how can she be a 2nd grader? She is supposed to be my little 3 year old singing Hannah Montana songs and playing with her pink kitchen and princesses. 


See?? Instead she is reading chapter books and signing up for soccer and becoming more of a young lady every day. Ok, now I’m depressed.

At least I’ll have this girl with me to keep me company! I can’t imagine what I would do if she was not here. We will have tons of fun together, but I know we will both miss the bigs when they are at school.


Miss Lila is still doing amazing! She is just the sweetest. Last week we caught her giving her baby snuggles and now she will kiss her, feed her, and push her around in her stroller. It is too cute!!


 We took the whole crew to a family wedding too! My sister’s best friend, Amanda, married my cousin Aaron! It was such a fun day and Lila did great!


We only have a week until school starts, so I better get back to spending time with my three cuties! Yay for summertime, even if this one seems like the shortest summer yet. 

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