The Beach 2013!

We’ve been back from the beach for over a week, but I’m just finding time to blog about it. We had another great year with our beach buddies, the Dempseys, in Florida! We stayed at the same house we rented last year, and it was again just the perfect week!

02-Beach 2013


{Hanging out in Seaside…}

03-Beach 20131


{Can’t believe we have FIVE kids between the two families!}

04-Beach 20132

{Our new babysitter Shae was incredible!}

05-Beach 20133


{See Trey and Marshall out there? 3 seconds after I snapped that picture, they were right beside me back at the shore. Why? Because they saw a shark swimming just a few feet away from them! You can see the pics below of the shark- he was as long as that paddle board! CRAZY. Of course, I did not get in the water after that!}

06-Beach 20134


What a great trip! We have so many special memories from this week!



If you’re traveling to Seaside, here are our favorite restaurants!


Barefoot BBQ

Meltdown on 30A

Great Southern Cafe

Pizza By the Sea

Tommy Bahamas


  1. ashley

    Sherry, love the beach pics – that area is the nicest place to go by far! What a fun memory! I love the family shot on the beach – warms my heart. Y’all are all adorable. Oh, and please know that you have inspired me to buy several things (blogs = marketing!) including some new J Crew shorts and tops (from the outlets :-) I think we have the same gingham button up…not sure. Keep blogging!

    1. Author

      Aw thanks Ashley!! We did make some great memories! The only bad thing about going so early in the summer is that it’s already over!! Yay for J Crew shorts and tops. I bought more at the outlet in Destin! :)

  2. Emily

    Your green suit is super cute! Looks like a fun trip. I don’t want to rush things, but I can’t wait for my babies to be a smidge older so we can enjoy the beach with them. Right now I’m still stressed about taking Annabelle into any sunlight at all, which is really going to complicate summer!!!

    1. Author

      The green suit is from J Crew! I swore I’d never wear such a “mom” swimsuit, but oh how I’ve learned as a mom to never say never!

      I will say, every year the beach gets easier! The kids at 5 and 3 was the first time I really felt like I was able to relax!

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