Happy Friday, y’all! It’s my first day back at work! Again, I’m already loving my very part-time job as an adjunct professor for Texas A&M Commerce. I have 8 student teachers this year that I’ll be supervising and I meet them in just a few hours! Exciting stuff! Here’s a ton of pictures from the last couple of weeks…

I bought this tea towel in NYC on our anniversary. It makes me smile!

 Y’all. I’ve been reading a TON. And this book. Oh, my word. I loved it.

 Sweet boy got a 12 hour stomach bug last week. Glad it was short-lived, because he looked so pitiful!

 While he was sick, Chloe got to go with a friend to Sweet and Sassy for a day of fun! They are adorable!

 Ok, I need your opinion. Thinking of ordering these off the TV! Will it really work??? Yes, I’m lazy and want my milk poured for me.

 Saw this truck the other day. Made me smile!

 We made PW’s Steakhouse Pizza again and I am officially in love. It’s from her newest cookbook, which I’m finding I like even better than her first!

 Oh, Justin Bieber. When Chloe saw this, she was SOOOOO happy, walked right up and posed for a picture! Love her!

 My two peas in a pod snuggled in bed together. I have a feeling when we move Jack to a big boy bed he might have company during the night! They really do love each other and it is so fun to watch them becoming best friends.

Looking forward to: trying out a new restaurant, working a car wash tomorrow, and going to visit Trey’s grandmother.

Happy Weekending to you!

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