47 hours in…VEGAS!

Whew! We just got back from a CRAZY, whirl-wind of a trip to VEGAS! Y’all, we had So. Much. Fun.

We went to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday. My dad had arranged a surprise trip for her, and when he decided the first part of the trip was going to be in Vegas, I knew we had to tag along! Boy, was she surprised to see us! Here’s a video of us arriving at their hotel room. SO fun!!

We stayed at New York New York- we had not stayed there before. It was the perfect spot on the strip & we had the best view!

After we surprised her, we headed down to play the slots before we left. I put a $20 in and within a minute I had won $497! Shut. Up. It was so fun winning that much off of just a $20!

Then we headed to Caesar’s Palace to see none other than Celine Dion. It has been on my mom and dad’s bucket list FOREVER and Trey and I were so excited to go with them. Y’all. It was so good. She truly is amazing!!

My mom looked SO beautiful that night!!

After the show we walked over to Mesa Grill {Bobby Flay’s Restaurant}. OH, my. We have been before and it did not disappoint again this time! The corn side dish- oh it makes me happy just thinking about it. A few tables over from ours sat Brad Garrett {from Everybody Loves Raymond} and a guy from Saturday Night Live. It was such a great night celebrating my momma’s birthday!

On Saturday we went downtown where my mom and dad did the zip line! They were so cute and so excited to do something they’d never done before. I’m not a fan of heights so I was too scared to join them, but they said it was so much fun.

Then we headed back to the strip so Trey and I could get ready for…

the UFC 148 fight. Yes, peeps, I went to a fight.  Trey is a UFC fan and therefore I’ve been watching fights with him the last few years… it is definitely “not my thing” but I went because he wanted me to go! And you know what? It was fun! I may or may not have spent as much time celebrity sight-seeing {LeBron James and Channing Tatum were in attendance} as I did watching the fights, but it really was an awesome experience. Trey’s been getting made fun of by his friends for “sacrificing” and going to Vegas “for my mom’s birthday” when there “just happened to be” a UFC fight that weekend…. but it worked out because it gave my mom and dad a date night and T & I got to see one of the best UFC fights ever. That crowd. It was something I had never experienced… pure craziness!

After the fight we grabbed a late dinner, lost some $$, and took a quick nap before our 6am flight back to DFW. I think we slept a total of 8 hours the whole weekend. But, it was worth it! I am so thankful we were able to be with my parents and celebrate my mom’s big day {which is actually today- Happy Birthday Momma!}. They flew yesterday from Vegas to NYC and are celebrating the rest of the week there. What a fun trip. My dad is so awesome for surprising her and making it all happen!

We love Vegas and are already scheming of when we can go back. Our last two trips there have been fast and furious, so we are ready for a little more than 47 hours in Vegas. Anyone wanna go with us next year?? I’m pretty lucky on those slots, so maybe I could win you some money! Let’s do it!


  1. betty dillard

    You have a very special mother. I admire her so much. Loved seeing them on the line. Way to go, Wilma and Cleve.

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