Thursday List

  • Hi friends! We leave for the beach TOMORROW! If you’re a crazy person who now knows where we live and that we are out of town, beware! We have friends watching the house and a killer watch dog and a crazy alarm system and live on a street with nosy neighbors and potential witnesses. Plus our house doesn’t have anything too nice inside… go somewhere else please!
  • Now that I’ve scared the burglars away, we leave for the beach TOMORROW!!! We are all so excited and just can’t wait to be back in Destin. This year we’re staying at a different house that is ON the BEACH. Oh, yes! I’ll be having my morning coffee on the back porch watching the ocean in two days! YAY! I’m still in crazy packing mode, but the end is in sight and we are almost on VACATION!
  • Jack, Chloe, and I met good friends at the Dallas zoo on his birthday because he’s been BEGGING to go see the elephants and giraffes. Guess what? The elephants and giraffes exhibits were closed. Seriously? What are the odds? I was so bummed because they didn’t put it on their website that we wouldn’t be able to see about 1/2 of the park! We found out later it was due to a water line break or some other emergency, and of course we ended up having a great time. The weather was perfect and Jack loved the riding the “train” and the carousel! However, we will have to go back soon because he is still begging to see the elephants and giraffes! Here’s Jack riding the Monorail. Doesn’t he look like a big boy?? 
  • I made Pioneer Woman’s recipe for spaghetti this week and it was down right amazing. Will I ever try a recipe of her’s I don’t like?? 
  • I bought a pair of spin shoes a couple of weeks ago and they have made all the difference in my spin class. I loved spin before but now that I invested in shoes I am calling myself a legit spinner, even though I only go to spin once a week. I wish I could go more but no other class times work with our schedule. 
  • Speaking of working out, I’m thinking of signing up for the White Rock 1/2 marathon again. Which means I will need to start training again in July. Which kinda makes me excited and kinda makes me want to puke. But it was such an amazing day and I want to do it again without the below 40 degree temps and pouring down rain! I’m going to pray for good weather every single day until the race. Seriously. Anyone want to run with me??
  • Ok, it’s a short list this week! Gotta go pack.  I may or may not have some scheduled posts while we’re gone. If it doesn’t happen, just know I’ll be back sometime soon, blogging with a tan! 

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