DC 2011

Oh y’all. I am so happy! We were in Washington, DC for the whole week last week! For those of you that don’t know, Trey’s company is based in DC. In the Dallas office it is just Trey and one of the partners and their assistant…everyone else is in the DC office. T travels there a few times a year, and in December he has to be there for an annual meeting. The wonderful people at his work always arrange the Christmas party around the day of the meeting, and for the last four years they have been kind enough to invite me up for the party! This year was a little different. They didn’t have a formal party, but I still was able to come up for the week and enjoy a little time away from the kids.

We checked in at the Hay Adams Hotel and were told we had been upgraded to a view overlooking Lafayette Square. I was so excited to see this view from our window!

After we got checked into the hotel, we made our way to a restaurant that recently opened in DC that we couldn’t wait to try!


Yep, that’s Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace! It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. We were excited to try the burgers that we’ve tried to recreate on our own. We ordered two burgers to split- the Blue Cheese Bacon burger {here’s our version} and the Dallas burger. They were amazing. Seriously.


The vanilla shake we shared was exceptional as well. And do you see the size of that straw? Yes, I have already googled “straw with large diameter” because I must have these for when we make milkshakes! Bobby Flay is a genius.


After the burgers, we headed to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Oh my word, it was incredible. So, so sad. I knew some about that part of history, but I learned so much. While walking through the museum, all I could do was thank the Lord that I was born in 1980 in the USA. And that my kids will never have to go through what all of those children went through. The hardest part for me was the shoes. I could not get over the shoes. There was a long hallway filled on both sides with the shoes of Holocaust victims. Shoes of every size. Oh, it was awful. The visit to this museum is something I will never forget.

We walked back to the hotel after our museum visit. On the way, I snapped a picture of the Washington Monument.


That night we headed to Fiola for dinner with one of Trey’s colleagues and his wife. It was such a fun night!

Then, for the next two days Trey had to work, and this is what I did:

From sun up to sun down, I stayed in that chair and read. ALL DAY. For two straight days. Both mornings I stayed in bed until at least 9am. Then I ordered room service for breakfast. Then I would read a few chapters of my book, take a nap, and then read some more. Both days I walked to grab lunch and Starbucks. Oh, y’all. It was divine. I haven’t had two days to do nothing in SOOOOOO long. I know all of you mamas know what I mean. It was glorious.

I read two books while I was there- Little Bee by Chris Cleave and Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Both were great reads. They were very sad stories but I loved both books, especially Sarah’s Key. Then I started The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, and I ‘m loving it too!


The second night we were there, we went to Shake Shack!! I felt like I was in the movie Something Borrowed! We ordered burgers, fries, and shakes {yes, again!}. What’s the verdict?? Shake Shack wins the title of burger champion by just a little! Seriously, best burger/fries/shake combo. Ever. And we love us some burgers, y’all. {Have I told you our best friends made us T Shirts that say “I Heart Cheeseburgers”? And that we had to wear them to a nice dinner because we lost a bet?} We’re pretty much cheeseburger experts. And Shake Shack is now at the top of our looong list of favorite burgers.

The last night of the trip we went to eat at a favorite spot we visit every year. It’s a little Italian place in Georgetown called Paolo’s. Then, of course, we hit up Georgetown Cupcake where I had my annual Gingerbread cupcake. Yum.


What a great trip! We flew home on Friday and drove straight to San Angelo to get the kids. They had a great time at my parent’s house, and we are so appreciative that they wanted to keep the kids for us so we could get away. It came at the perfect time and now we are refreshed and ready for Christmas!


  1. Jennifer

    I am beyond jealous that you got 2 days to yourself to do absolutely nothing! Can I hide in your suitcase next time and come with you???

    And I bet Sarah’s Key was even more emotional after being to the Holocaust Museum. I read the book a while ago and can’t wait to see the movie. One of the best books I have ever read!

    1. Author

      Ha! Yes you can!!

      A friend had recommended Sarah’s Key and I had no idea what it was about when I brought it along. It did make it so much more meaningful! One day I took the book along with me to lunch and I sat in Chipotle and cried! I’m sure the people around me thought I was nuts. But it was just so emotional! Definitely one of my all time faves too!

  2. Jennifer Thomas

    okay! I can’t believe you didn’t include a picture of the cheeseburger t-shirts! I know I have a copy somewhere….

    So glad you had a nice trip!!!

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