The Beach {Part Deux}

First of all, I forgot to show this picture in the last post, but on Sunday at the beach Trey caught this starfish. The kids were so excited!

Monday was another all-day beach day. We took the bigger kids to the beach in the morning and they had so much fun {again}.

We stayed in that night and it was our family’s turn to cook- Mexican lasagna, homemade guacamole, southwest salad, and sopapilla cheesecake was the menu. Yum!

Tuesday- another beach day (yay). I realized I could do this every day for the rest of the summer. The bigger kids enjoyed the morning at the beach, and in the afternoon the guys stayed back at the house to supervise nap time. This meant that Elizabeth, Lauren, and I headed back to the beach for some much-needed afternoon girl time. I dove into my beach chick-lit and took a couple of naps. When naps (for the kids) were over, the guys and kids joined us  for some late afternoon/evening beach-time. This was the best time to be at the beach each day. The sun wasn’t so hot and the water was warm- perfect!

For dinner we all went out to The Back Porch, a restaurant recommended to us by a few different people, including the Dempseys. It did not disappoint! Yummy seafood + a view of the ocean = greatness. The kids’ food came on frisbees which was definitely a hit. I ordered fried shrimp and Marshall said I should eat the tails. Then he proceeded to grab one of the tails I pulled off and ate it. Really? Do any of you do this?? Or is MD just weird?? I need to know. I “tried” it just to appease him but it was all crunchy and gross! Anyway, I am curious to know if anyone out there eats the tails of fried shrimp. Because if you do I’ll think you’re weird too. But at least M won’t be alone! After dinner we put the kids to bed and the couples found a small inn down the road that had a huge deck in the back that looked out onto the ocean. We are so thankful for friends like M&E. It never fails that our conversations always turn to something funny and we all end up laughing ’til we cry. We are blessed to go through this stage of life with strong Christian friends and it was great just to spend some good quality time together without four little children around!

Wednesday was dubbed as shopping and golf day. First we went out for breakfast to the Donut Hole Bakery Cafe. Trey and I love to eat breakfast out but we don’t do it often anymore, so this was a nice treat! Then the girls hit the outlet mall for a couple of hours. Ummm J Crew, Crew Cuts, Loft, and Gap… I know E and I spent way too much money in such a short time! The guys played golf that afternoon and then the Dempsey’s cooked some amazing Chicken Spaghetti (By the way, I need that recipe, E!). Before dinner, some of us went to the beach for a walk. I got some great pictures of my girl!

Lauren spent A LOT of time on the front porch entertaining the kids- they wanted to be outside all the time.

The dads brought back these boogie boards from the store and Chloe put on a concert while C climbed and jumped and ran around. Classic example of boys vs. girls!

Last beach post coming soon… stay tuned!


  1. Allison B

    I have been eating fried shrimp as long as I can remember and I have NEVER eaten the tail…don’t know anyone who does! Maybe I should try it….or maybe not :-)

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