Kauai ’09

>My husband is still requesting a handmade scrapbook, so that is now on my to-do list! Until that gets done (who knows when), here are a few of our favorite pics! We were gone for eight nights, and it was hard to be away from Chloe! We saw lots of kids her age there playing in the water and just knew how much she would love the beach. But, when we saw those same kids throwing tantrums at dinner, we knew we had made the right decision. We had a great time and would go back tomorrow if we could! We do realize that this will be our last vacation “just the two of us” for a while. We are already talking about taking CLC to Fun Valley, CO with family and a beach trip with friends next summer- I can’t wait for Chloe to visit my childhood vacation spot and play at the beach!! We’ll see, but for now it is fun to start thinking about it. Clearly we love to travel and are always ready to plan the next adventure.

This was our favorite water fall.

Hanging out before dinner at Tidepools.

This is the view from the top of our hard, 4 hour hike. It was worth it, but we’ve never been so happy to see our car than we were at the end of the hike!

Trey playing golf at the Prince Course in Princeville. He says it was one of the hardest courses he’s played, but we had so much fun. The views were incredible.

This is on our anniversary. That was the view from our table at The Beach House Restaurant. It was so good and the sunset was amazing!

We LOVE Hawaii! Honestly, we thought we’d come back from Kauai and say we still love Maui more. Not so much. They are equally brilliant and completely different islands. We can’t say which one we love more! If you ever need advice on Hawaiian vacations, we’re here and ready to tell you all of our tips! Mahalo!


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