Hearts full.

We are so happy to be home! My parents came in to welcome us at the airport and asked if they could stay a few days to help out. Um, yes!! So, they wore themsleves out serving us this week! They took the big kids wherever they wanted to go- putt putt, movies, McDonald’s, nail salon, Target for toys, Claire’s for dress up fun, Starbucks for treats…and more! My mom also cooked us every meal for the whole week and managed to fill my freezer with more meals too!! Lila also got some good grandparent time. She loved both of them and had fun getting to know her Cookie and Dandy!

They also helped as we all recovered from jet lag. Thursday night was the first night we all slept all night!

Miss Lila is doing great getting to know her new home and family! She quickly warmed up to Boots after screaming her head off meeting him for the first time! Trey had to go back to work Monday, yes that was the day after we got home! His busiest weeks of the year are the last weeks of July, so he had to get back at it right away. He has been doing ok with jet lag, but we are all looking forward to having him home this weekend!

Lila loves bath time! She has learned how to splash and makes quite a mess with the water but we don’t mind!

We’ve had some fun quick outings too! We met our friends at Northpark mall to look at the ducks and turtles and introduce Lila to Chick Fil A!

This girl loves Northpark already! Like mother, like daughter! ;)

We wrapped up the week by FINALLY heading to Chuy’s for dinner last night. Sweet Lila was overwhelmed at first. It is the loudest and most colorful place she has ever been. There is nothing in China like this- even the busiest places aren’t loud like this! She does this thing when she is overwhelmed where she squints her eyes to almost closed. I think it is her defense mechanism-  she thinks if she doesn’t see it, maybe it will go away! Sweet girl, all we had to do was introduce her to tortillas and queso and by the end of dinner, Chuy’s had won her over!

We have had a great first week. I honestly can’t believe we have three kids! I look at Lila and it still doesn’t seem real that the sweet little girl in the pictures we received five months ago is HOME. Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow! Our hearts are full!


  1. Aunt Neva

    Sherry and Trey, I have enjoyed reading about all the planning of your trip and getting your little Lila Mei , arriving home and all the love you all show for your family. I loved how Chloe and Jack greeted her and it was so thoughtful of you all taking them and greeting Lila Mei as a family. I felt I was on the trip to China with you seeing all the pictures and you explaining everything so well.

    I think you need to write a book on your experience as a family adopting your little girl, Lila Mei, She is a darling and I know you all are enjoying her. Hope to meet her soon and you all are still in my prayers as you were from the beginning.

    Love to all the Clemens family.
    Aunt Neva

  2. Kristin

    First off, Congratulations!!! I just found your blog and can’t wait to read all the posts! My husband and I are also adopting a little girl from China and we love reading inspiring adoption blogs. Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Author

      Hi Kristin! Thanks for commenting! I am so excited that you adopting too! It is such an amazing journey and I look forward to reading more of your blog! Can’t wait for you to get matched- best day ever!!!

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