China Day 20: There’s No Place Like Home!

We woke up Sunday morning so excited to get home!! We left our hotel around 8 and we were checked in for our flights by 9. We got our seats worked out for the first flight, so that we had 2 seats together and then 3 more right across the aisle. Huge blessing!

We decided to wear Miss Lila out as much as possible waiting for the flight, so we chased her around the Hong Kong airport for over an hour! She had so much fun, and we were all worn out by the time we boarded the plane to Tokyo!

I sat by this cutie and she was a total rockstar on her first flight! She played, read books, ate noodles, and took a 2 hour nap! I don’t remember her crying one time. Sweet girl!

We had a two hour layover in Tokyo before boarding our flight to Dallas, and then we were on our way! When we got on the plane we realized our 5 seats were all in a row! We specifically prayed for this, but then when we got to the airport they said our seats were 4 and 1 across the aisle. Well, that wasn’t the case and we were SO happy to all be sitting together so Trey and I could easily be able to help all 3 kids. Lila cried for a little bit when we were taking off, and then she was her happy self again and was seriously amazing for the rest of the flight. The first few hours we kept her entertained with books and toys and puffs and a sucker (her first, and she sucked so hard it came off the stick and I thought I was going to have to do the Heimlich on her- so stressful but I got it out of her mouth quickly. Praise the Lord!). Then she fell asleep and slept a whopping EIGHT hours! Y’all. I tell you, she is a trooper! When she woke up, we only had about an hour left so it was so easy to pull out a few more new toys and keep her entertained.

Jack also slept great on the plane, the rest of us, not so much. Chloe kept herself busy with movies and reading, and Trey and I just tried to stay still since Lila’s head was in his lap and her feet were in mine! :)

The flight really didn’t seem like 11 hours. It went by really fast and it was painless, and I know that is because of all of you praying for us! I cannot believe how great it went! Then we were off to immigration and customs, where Lila officially became the newest US citizen! Then it was time to get our bags and head out to meet our friends and family!


What a welcome home, y’all. I can’t describe the feeling of being home and seeing all of our people in one place. We know it wasn’t easy to get to the airport (many of you came from out of town!!) and wait forever for us, but it meant more than you could ever know to see your sweet faces! I missed our community of friends and family so much! The kids were so happy too- Chloe and Jack were so excited to see everyone.   Lila did great- she was just her chilled-out self, and even gave a few smiles and held out her hands for kisses for a few lucky ones!!

Then we headed home and were welcomed with fun balloons from sweet neighbors , then beautiful flowers, muffins, a stocked pantry and fridge, a clean house, and a happy dog that had been with our sweet friends Jennifer and Richard the whole time.  Our community has truly been the hands and feet of Christ through all of this, serving us so well. It is just an amazing feeling to be taken care of and loved so deeply!

My parents went to pick us up Whataburger(!!!) for dinner. AMEN for french fries! Lila is already a fan. Then we all headed to bed in our own beds. YAY!

Although our trip to China captured our hearts in a way we never thought possible, there’s really no place like home! And we are so happy to have our girl home.



  1. Dianna Hill

    Amazing story! I have loved reading about every day. Now a new beginning with that precious angel home.

  2. Lana Thompson

    Your family is so blessed and I know she will be loved by many.

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