China Day 19: Hong Kong

We had a great last day in Hong Kong! We love this place! It felt a little like home but made us even more ready to get to Texas! We spent the morning around the hotel. We had breakfast and then walked over to the airport to see if we could change our seats on the plane (our 11 hour flight had four of us together and one seat way in the back- we knew that wasn’t going to work!) Well, the airport was no help- we couldn’t change our seats until 12 hours before departure. But, we were able to explore the airport and feel good about where we needed to be on Sunday morning! Then we headed back to the hotel and Lila napped while the kids and Trey found the pool!

When Lila woke up we decided to head back to Stanley Market! It was one of our favorite parts of Hong Kong and we decided we needed a few more souvenirs before heading home! We stopped at this sweet woman’s shop that we had visited two weeks ago, and she remembered us. When she saw Lila, she was just overcome with joy. She told us that she was so proud of us and that Lila was such a lucky girl to have us for a family. I told her that we were the ones that are lucky! I really do keep asking myself, “I really get to be her mommy???!!” I just loved this sweet woman and how happy she was for Lila and for our family. I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew anyone that had ever had to abandon a baby? Or did she ever to do that herself? Maybe it was healing for her heart to see sweet Lila with a family that loves her so? Or maybe she was just grateful that we came to her country to adopt? Whatever her thoughts, it was the sweetest thing to see her so full of joy. She gave me 2 more scarves for free and a sweet little handmade stuffed animal for each of the kids.

After we shopped some more, we left Stanley and headed over to the Harbor City Mall to eat dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian. It was a long wait but worth it! We had what we have dubbed as “The Best Pizza We Have Ever Had!” It was called Hong Kong Hot, and we will be so sad to not have it again for a really long time (or ever!). It was that good! Here are the parents on our last night out in Hong Kong. Trey said it felt like a date night except we were staring at our three kids! (THREE!!!)

We headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our big day of traveling! We couldn’t wait to get HOME!

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