China Day 17: US Consulate Appointment

Thursday we had Lila’s US Consulate appointment! After breakfast we said goodbye to our new friends that were leaving Guangzhou. They had their Consulate Appointment earlier in the week and were heading to Hong Kong and then home to Colorado! So thankful for these new friends- it was hard to say goodbye!


Then it was time to drive to the US Consulate. Here is where we applied for her Visa to enter the US and also for her citizenship. It was fun being at the US Consulate with all of the American flags and symbols- felt a little like home! We were there with many other adoptive families, so it was great to get to know a few more people who are adopting too. You can’t bring cameras into the building, so this is the only picture we got- Miss Lila wasn’t too thrilled about posing for a picture!


After we finished at the consulate, we headed back to the hotel to start the laundry and packing. We are SO thankful we had a washer and dryer in our apartment! I can’t imagine not having one now that we did! It was awesome and now most of the laundry is done so we won’t have a huge pile when we get home! Here is Lila talking on her phone on the van on the way home from our CA. She is calling her friends in the US saying we are coming home soon!


We headed out for dinner for our last night in Guangzhou. We went back to the hibachi place we went to a few days ago- it didn’t disappoint again! Miss Lila went to town on steak and salmon and rice! Then we walked to McDonalds for our last yellow ice cream treat, of course! We were all starting to get sad about leaving China. We have had the most fun here. Chloe says she doesn’t like China, she LOVES China! It really has been such a special trip and I can’t believe it is soon coming to an end!

last night

Sweet Lila had a great day yesterday. She has already changed so much from the day we got her. I am so thankful to be her mommy! I can’t wait for all of you to meet her- she is just precious! 4 more days!!

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