China Day 10: Fun Day in Guangzhou!

Today was such a fun day! We had to wake up Miss Sleepyhead again this morning because we were leaving the hotel at 9am. We went down to breakfast and then met our guide in the lobby. Our first stop was shopping for pearls at the pearl market! This was such a fun experience. There are SO many places with SO many pearls! Kelly took us to her favorite place, and we picked out pearls for Lila to give to her one day and also some for Chloe and I. Pearls are very inexpensive here compared to America, and they are beautiful! Chloe also picked out some pearl bracelets for souvenirs.

Then we headed to Shamian Island, a part of Guangzhou that is famous for it’s beautiful shaded shopping and park area. Many buildings in this area were build to house the British during the Opium Wars. It was nice to get out, grab a Starbucks, and walk around and explore the island (it isn’t really an island, but one side does sit on the coast of the Pearl River). We bought a few souvenirs and things for Lila as she grows up to help her connect with her culture.

After shopping, we grabbed lunch at Starbucks. Starbucks in China is no joke. They serve most of the drinks like they do in the US, but they also serve lunch. And not just pre-made sandwiches! You can order pasta dishes, ham and cheese croissants, and more. We love eating at Starbucks! Lila shared a sandwich with me and ate all of my tomatoes off of my sandwich. That girl is so funny about what she likes to eat! We have also been taking pictures of the Chinglish all around. Too funny!


We headed back to the hotel and Lila had her first really good nap. She slept almost 3 hours! We finally decided we better wake her up if we were going to go swim before dinner. So, we all got ready and headed to the pool at this hotel for the first time. It is outdoor, but the tall hotel shades the entire pool so it was perfect. Lila’s first swim was a success! She wasn’t sure about the water, but she didn’t cry, and before we knew it she was smiling and having fun.

Lila is a fan of the selfie! After swimming she and Jack were hilarious taking pictures. We all love her silly smiles!

We decided to eat in our room, so we ate ramen noodles for dinner! I haven’t had them since college. The package was in Chinese and it came with two separate flavor packets (we learned later one was minced meat- disgusting!!!), so it was a little challenging trying to figure out how to make them. But, we figured it out and lila was a huge fan! We laughed so hard at her slurping up her noodles!
After dinner we decided it was time for more ice cream. We walked across the street to the mall, and then we found a Haagen Daz. Yay for ice cream! Especially when it still feels like 110 degrees outside!! I ordered more than last night so that Lila didn’t eat all of mine this time! :)

Yay for a fun, easy day. Lila was very happy all day today. She is itching less and you can tell she feels a little better! Thank you for your prayers for our sweet girl! She is such a trooper!


  1. Dianna Hill

    Sherry, I can not tell you how forward I look for your posts & pictures. Kenneth & I just got back from Alaska; I feel like I am in China now! When ya’ll get home we want to come meet your sweet children & give that Trey a big hug too!!!

  2. Noni

    So fun, yea!!! So glad Lila is feeling better, eating, sleeping, laughing and having fun! What a great day!

    Poppi & Noni are excited to read what you are doing each day! And we love looking at your pictures!

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