China: Pics from Beijing

I finally figured out how to get my SD card slot to work on my MacBook. Thank you, YouTube, for teaching me to blow in the slot and then quickly put my card in. :)

Here are more pics from our time in Beijing! I miss it so much! This was heading up the Great Wall. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather, other than the occasional rain sprinkles here and there.


Here, Trey and Chloe are on the cable cars we rode up and down the mountains of China!





IMG_4400Next are pictures from our Hutong tour on the Rickshaw. David told us about the architecture of each home and how each piece represented the social status of the people living there. Everything from the number of steps, the size and shape of the statues out front, the distance from the door to the street, and the circle posts above each door- they all represent the status of the owner. Collage1


This is where we had lunch! This family has owned this house for many generations. They cook lunch for tourists going through the Hutong area and provided us a traditional Chinese meal. Our appetizer was roasted peanuts and taro root. Our main dish (Trey’s favorite of all of our food in Beijing) was a slow roasted pork. We also had a wonderful celery and chicken egg dish, and pork dumplings. The kids loved the pork, and Trey and I enjoyed every dish!


This is one of the family members of the house. She is a local artist and paints bottles from the inside. They are beautiful! She said she started when she was 7 years old. Chloe was so happy to have a lesson in bottle painting. Li Ying will forever be a part of our memories made in Beijing!

collage4This is from Jingshan Park with the Forbidden City behind us!

collage5Here is another view of the Forbidden City. We had to walk up many, many steps to get to the top of Yingshan Park, but the views were worth it!




Oh how I love China. So much history, such sweet people. Trey and I already had a heart for Chinese people, but this trip has just connected us to this country in a new, incredible way. The people here work so hard, have so little, and are still so happy. They treated us with honor and love, and we were greeted with so many smiles throughout our short time in Beijing!

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