China Day 5: Hong Kong Disneyland

Saturday morning we surprised the kids and told them we were taking them to Disneyland! They were so excited! We knew this would be such a fun way to celebrate our last days as a family of four. We took the subway directly to the park and got there before it opened. We were sitting enjoying breakfast that we had picked up near our hotel before we got on the subway, and the Disney cast members walked up to us and started talking to Chloe and Jack. They asked where we were from, and then asked if we would want to be the honorary family to help them open the park! The kids were so excited (and so were Trey and I!!), so we followed them through the gates! Mickey and Minnie came out to greet us, and then we counted down and the gates were open!

We enjoyed our time at Disney so much! We rode almost every ride, saw the new Frozen show, and wore ourselves out!! It was SO hot again, and so humid. But it was worth it to have a great day at one of the most magical places on Earth!

We had planned to stay through the fireworks, but we just couldn’t make it. The kids were exhausted by 7pm, so we opted to head back to the hotel and get a good night’s sleep before heading to Guangzhou the next day.

Our day at Disneyland Hong Kong will be one we remember forever. It was so special making memories with Chloe and Jack and to spend a full day focused on them before their sister joins our family. We know she will take up a lot of attention over the next few weeks, so it was just a special day for us to be our little foursome that we have been now for the last five years. We are so thankful we were able to have such a great day together, and now we are so ready to be a family of FIVE!

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