China Day 4: Touring Hong Kong

On Friday morning, we woke up early (again!) and had an easy morning around the hotel. We opted for breakfast in the hotel, and this was our view!

After breakfast we decided to take a Big Red Bus tour through the Hong Kong side of the area (we are staying on the Kowloon side). We rode the ferry over and enjoyed the view of the Harbor.


The kids were excited the Big Red Bus was a double decker, so we headed to the top and were on our way! We stayed on for a while as they drove us through much of Hong Kong. We decided the city is a mix between New York, Hawaii, and Vegas, with a little San Francisco thrown in. You have this beautiful city with huge skyscrapers, but with islands all in the background. The lights at night are like Vegas, and the streets are narrow and steep like San Fran. We both decided we love it here!

The bus took us to the other side of Hong Kong, and we got off to enjoy some time at Stanley Market. It is just a small area of many vendors set up in small stores to sell goods of all kinds- art, clothing, toys, etc…it was such a fun experience!



After lunch on the Stanley Pier, we headed back on the bus for our next stop. We took a Sampan boat tour to see the old Hong Kong fishing boat community. The kids liked the boat ride and after being so hot all day (the weather app said it felt like 122!) it felt great to be out on the water!


After that stop, we took the bus to the tram that heads up to an area called The Peak. Once at the top, you have incredible views of all of Hong Kong.


After being hot all day, we found a great place on the top of The Peak to enjoy some treats!

I have not lacked for coffee since I’ve been here! There’s been a Nespresso machine in our hotel rooms and there is good coffee everywhere. This was my first Starbucks of the trip!

After we headed back down the tram, we took the ferry back across the water and a cab to our hotel. We tried listing all of the forms of transportation that we’ve taken since we started our trip, and the current count is 13!

As soon as we got to the hotel, we headed straight for the pool! It felt so great after being in the heat all day- did I mention how hot it is here??!! And it is so humid- think Houston but way worse!!

We decided to clean up and head to dinner, but by the time we found a restaurant that had a table for us, the kids were so tired. We sat down and they both immediately fell asleep! We figured they were fine sleeping, so we took full advantage of our impromptu “date night” and ordered a yummy pizza to share.

It was a long, fun day seeing Hong Kong, but we were so ready for bed! We all slept until 6:45am, so maybe we have finally adjusted to the time. Next post will be about today’s adventure to Hong Kong Disneyland, but it will have to wait because I’m falling asleep as I type this. Goodnight from Hong Kong!


  1. Dianna Hill

    Love reading about this blessed trip; and not even at the BEST part!

  2. Noni

    Oh, you all are getting to see & do so much!! Glad the kids are feeling well. Looking forward to hearing about Disney!
    2 more days!!!

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