China Day 3: Travel to Hong Kong

Thursday morning we woke up around 4am with Jack saying he was sick. Those of you that don’t know already, he and Chloe have both been diagnosed with stomach migraines or cyclical vomiting syndrome. Before their diagnosis, I had not heard of this before, but when we talked with a GI specialist and did our own research, this is exactly what they have. It always starts out early in the morning, and is usually triggered by a change in sleep patterns, dietary changes, and/or motion sickness. We knew that traveling to China would be the perfect storm for one or both of the kids to have an episode, so we came prepared with their medicine that helps them not have a full episode. So, at 4am we gave Jack a Zofran, and our sweet boy cried for an hour on the floor in the bathroom. These are no joke, y’all. His heart races and his skin is so pale, and you can tell he is in pain. I just prayed over him, that the Zofran would work and that he wouldn’t throw up. About an hour after we gave him the medicine, he fell asleep.

Chloe woke up so she and I headed to breakfast in the hotel while Trey stayed with Jack. When we got back, we decided Trey and Chloe should continue on with our plan to go see Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City with our guide. I was great with that plan- it was nice to have a slow morning in the hotel and Jack definitely needed to sleep as much as possible. I gave him another dose of medicine when it was time, and about an hour after that, he woke up feeling much better. He decided to watch a show on Netflix, and then he asked for a Pop Tart. We know his episode is over when he asks for food!! I am so thankful that he never threw up, and I am hoping that he won’t have another migraine while we are here. This is Jack chilling on our bed watching Star Wars. Poor buddy.

Chloe and Trey had a great time seeing more of Beijing! Here they are on Tiananmen Square with the Forbidden City in the background.

This is inside the Forbidden City! It was built to house the Ming Dynasty when the capital was moved to Beijing in 1406. It took 14 years and over one million workers to finish this incredible palace!

After they got back to the hotel, we packed up and headed to the airport. David had the driver take us by the Beijing Olympic Park so we could see the amazing facilities built for the 2008 Olympics. We saw the aquatics center where Phelps won all of his gold medals and the Bird’s Nest (picture below) where the opening ceremony was held.

We were all sad to say goodbye to Beijing. I truly loved that city and wish we would have had more time there! The plane ride to Hong Kong was easy- only 3 hours! Compared to our last flight, this was no big deal. The kids watched movies and played iPads, and I finished my first book of the trip, We Were Liars. It was a great book and easy read!

We arrived in Hong Kong and checked into our hotel. We are on the 108th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong. Thank you, Marriott Points!! We have an amazing view overlooking Victoria Harbor.

After unpacking a little, we headed to the harbor to watch the famous light show. It was beautiful seeing all of the buildings light up to music.

The kids were so tired at this point, we quickly headed to find dinner. Jack fell asleep (while Trey carried him!) on the way to dinner, and slept right through it too. Poor guy, he was so tired from being sick and traveling all day. We found the perfect dinner spot for us- BLT Burger! It is a chain from Vegas and NYC, and we were so happy to have some Western food, finally. Chloe deemed this the best milk shake she has ever had. :)

We headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed. Of course, we all woke up super early this morning. We haven’t been able to sleep past 5:30am since we’ve been here. We are about to head to breakfast, and then off to a fun day exploring Hong Kong!

We are less than 60 miles from Lila’s orphanage right now. After being halfway around the world all of this time, it feels so great to be so close to her. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about Monday. Our sweet girl has no idea that she only has 3 more nights alone. We are so close, baby girl!!


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    We are so excited for you. Prayers for a safe trip home with that beautiful daughter.

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