The Girls’ Room

We had so much fun redecorating Chloe’s room to make it Chloe AND Lila’s room! From the time we started talking about adopting, Chloe wanted Lila and her to share a room. We had never completely finished Chloe’s room after we moved {ahem, that was 5 years ago}- we just transferred her baby room things from our old house to this one. So, she was really excited to pick the colors and bedding and decorations out herself.

{Please ignore the pictures in the frames- we will change them out once we have some of Lila and Chloe together!!}

 {For now, Chloe is sleeping on the bottom bunk- we all like it better! Way easier to make, and we can still cuddle and read together. We have a little crib for Lila to put in our room at first, and then when she is ready to transition she will sleep on her bunk bed and Chloe will move to the top! We also got a trundle for the bunk beds so when Jack wants to join them, he has somewhere to sleep!}


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