Sorry this is a few days late, but we got our Letter of Approval (LOA) from China last week! It arrived at our agency on Wednesday and we had it in our hands Thursday!!

We signed it and sent it off for the next round of paperwork. Now it is at the U.S. Immigration to finalize Lila’s immigration process to become a U.S. citizen! This usually takes about 2 weeks, and then we move on to more paperwork which will lead us to the big T-A (Travel APPROVAL!). We can’t wait! We are really hoping to leave late June, but that means everything has to be just perfect as far as the paperwork goes. But we should definitely travel in late June or July!

It is so exciting to have this part done. The LSC wait was 49 days, but really we had been waiting 245 days since our paperwork arrived in China, and 603 days since we applied to adopt, so 49 days wasn’t too bad!

We are really starting to think about our trip- packing lists, stuff to do, stuff to buy, etc… it is starting to seem so real!! And my prayers for sweet Lila have just increased- I just pray constantly for her heart to be prepared to meet us. We are all getting so anxious and just excited!

For now, I have decided not to share pictures on the blog. Until we get her, I just want to keep the pictures private. But, if you have been reading for a while or just want to follow along, you are welcome to join our Facebook group “Lila Mei is Coming Home!”. It is a closed group so I will have to approve you, but I would LOVE for some of my blog friends to join us and you can see pics of our sweet girl!!

I will continue to keep you all updated on our journey. It won’t be long until we will be a family of FIVE!

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