Easter & Still Waiting!

We had a great Easter weekend. I am thankful for time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us, for me! I just kept thinking about Lila all weekend- I can’t wait to tell her the Good News and celebrate with her next Easter!

We had a fun day at home after the 7:30am service at Watermark. Easter baskets were opened before, of course! We dyed eggs, hunted easter eggs outside, watched a new movie, and all took naps! Thankful for such a fun weekend.


So, now for an update on the adoption! We are still waiting for approval from China. Today is day 33 of our LOA wait, and we are hoping to hear some good news soon! Although it has been hard waiting, I have found so much encouragement in knowing that God has the perfect plan for our family and when we are going to get Miss Lila! We are still praying for June travel, but that is going to be ALL GOD if it happens! July is just looking more and more likely- but my friend just e-mailed me and said God can conquer anything- including paperwork! :) She is right! So, please keep praying for us to hear back from China soon and that we can travel in June!

I saw this on Facebook today and had to share. Thankful He is giving us what we need!


Hey Soul? so the thing is, Monday’s not your huge mountain to scale —
your huge *God* is the mountain Who scales everything, so you see your *problems* as so *small*.
He’ll give you exactly what you need, He’ll make you strong for exactly what you have to do, and He’ll make you brave for exactly whatever you have to climb this week.
“You can be *SURE* that God will take care of everything you need” Phil4:19
Thank God we are kept from what we wanted —
like escape, like an easier road, like an easier time of it…
and that He keeps giving us what we didn’t know we *needed* —
like more courage, like more joy, like more grace, like more of Himself.
Thank God we are kept from what we wanted —
and He keeps giving us what we didn’t know we *needed.*
Because God will give you everything you need —- all you need is to keep everything to Him!

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