Weekend in West Texas.

We had a great weekend visiting my family in West Texas! My sister’s birthday was last week, and her oldest daughter’s birthday was yesterday, so it was the perfect weekend to get some great family time in!

On Friday morning I told Jack we were headed to Cookie’s and Dandy’s house and he went to his room and packed his backpack with pajamas, his blanket and yaya, and some cars. Then he said “I’m tryin’ to get me packed up. I go to Cookie and Dandy’s house right now!” Love that sweet boy!


I was so excited about my first Caramel Brulee Latte of the season, and in a red cup! That plus a stop at Rosa’s for dinner plus country music made our drive to SA so fun.


One of my favorite things to do at home is have coffee with my parents before the kids wake up. Chloe decided to join us one morning with hot cocoa!


We were excited to see Juli play in her last soccer game. Someone loves her Uncle James!


MG. Thirteen. I can’t believe it! I remember so many details about the day she was born. Then just 18 months later she was in our wedding. And now she is thirteen. THIRTEEN.



You know it was a good time at the grandparents when they’re asleep by the time we pass the city limits.



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