It feels like we lost.

 Well, if you’re not an Aggie, you’re probably sick of me posting about going to Aggie football games! That’s right- we went to another one. Three is a record for me since college… but when you have Johnny Football, you do everything you can to see him play. Trey’s dad offered to have the kids for the weekend, so off we headed to College Station!

After a stop at Wings-N-More with friends for lunch, we went to campus and lined up to watch the guys come on the field. I was THAT close to Johnny Football!

 We also stayed to watch them back in before their big entrance. Oh, Evans… one more year, please? Yeah, right.

 Kyle Field was looking its best, with the beautiful sunset in the background. Oh, I know it is going to be great watching it be rebuilt, but my memories of watching game after game in this Kyle Field just make me so sentimental about the change.

 We sat in the student section- it’s my new {old} favorite place to sit! I didn’t take this picture {found it on Twitter}, but y’all. The last 2 minutes of the game and after the game were something I’ll never forget. Johnny was saying his goodbyes, I’m almost certain. He raised his hands up and down to get the crowd going, then gave a salute to the 12th man after he took his last snap on Kyle Field. After the clock ran down, he jumped into the stands and did the fight song with us- they put it on the big screen and so we watched him saw ’em off with the rest of the 12th man. I can’t describe that feeling- Trey refers to it as the “sports cry”… I was teary and it was just The. Best. Moment. I’ve ever had at Kyle Field. What an awesome thing we as Aggies got to experience- Johnny Football. He has done so much for our university, and boy, he sure is fun to watch.

I’m thankful we have two more road games and a {hopefully BIG} bowl to watch him play for the Ags. Then, I told Trey wherever he gets drafted, that’s my new NFL team.

Goodbye to Johnny and to Kyle Field as we know it! Although my Aggies beat Mississippi State and I finally got to see a win in Kyle Field for the first time in years, it sure does feel like a loss.

Gig. ‘Em.


  1. cort

    oh sherry. that made me tear up. it has been a fun two years, hasn’t it! i will be his forever fan. p.s. you pictures of jf and evans are fantastic!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Cortney! I know you know just how special it has been this year! I will be his forever fan too. And yes, I did see them win {finally!!!!}.

  2. Mandi

    I love your pics, especially the one of the stadium with the sun rays! We were at Yell and watched the second half of the game in the MSC, since we had all the kids with us. I would love to have seen you! Good for you getting to see so many games this year! It will be interesting to see what next season holds.

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