24 Day Challenge

May was a busy month! We had Jack’s party & birthday and our beach trip, and lots of little things in between! I’m going to try to do some catching up along with regular posts.

First topic- Our 24 day cleanse! To get ready for the beach, T and I were looking into doing the Advocare 24 day challenge. We had a few friends that had done it and had great results. But, after talking to them and a friend that is a nutritionist, we decided to just do a 24 day diet challenge instead of paying for all of the extra stuff that comes with the Advocare challenge. My friend sent me her boot camp nutrition challenge and we went for it! It was basically clean eating- cutting out all processed foods, dairy, bad fats, sugar, most carbs, etc… We just ate lean meats, veggies, fruits, eggs, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. For 24 entire days.

Oh, and only water to drink. AKA no coffee. Or tea. Or Sonic. UGH! I lasted 15 days with no coffee before I gave in, but my Sonic habit is officially kicked! I know. It’s a miracle.

Giving up Chuy’s for 24 whole days was not easy for the Clemens! But, we learned to eat many things we hadn’t tried before, and I know some of the changes we made will stick. I now have a list of healthy go-to recipes that we will put into the weekly mix! Here are a few of the things we ate:


Egg white omelets with spinach and fruit


Almond butter on stone ground wheat bread and fruit


{Lunch & Dinner}

Flank steak and roasted brussels sprouts


Grilled chicken, brown rice, and asparagus


Grilled chicken, brussels sprouts, and quinoa with avocado and jalapeños


Grilled fish, corn, avocado, and quinoa with salsa



Ground turkey sliders with avocado cabbage slaw and black beans


As you can see, the meals didn’t look super appetizing, but they were large portions and were all so yummy!

But boy, on day 25, I was ready for the breakfast of champions!


Overall the cleanse was awesome. I am so glad we did it and the days went by so fast. The pounds we lost and the healthy habits we’ve formed since then {aka no daily Sonic run} have been worth it!

But I’ll never give up Chuy’s for 24 days again. Ever. :)

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