Two and three fourths.

Jack is such a hoot these days! I am loving the 2 and 3/4ths! I cannot believe he will be three in May. CRAZY. I’ve been meaning to post a two-and-a-half post since November and eh-hem… it’s FEBRUARY people. Holy moly, that’s how I know I’m too busy!


Just look at those eyes & that dimpled chin! I cannot get enough. Here’s what our Jack is doing these days:

  • He’s a great sleeper {finally!}, like his sister. He used to wake up saying “I want Pop Tart!” but now he says “I need to go potty!!”. I would love a “good morning”…maybe someday!
  • He still takes a 2 hour nap every day.
  • He LOVES his sister. They play together so well- sometimes cars, sometimes Barbies. They share and laugh and dance and chase and make up funny games. Together they are so. much. fun.
  • He is getting better about eating more things than Pop Tarts! He almost always tries what’s on his plate, and he now loves things like pizza and french fries {vegetables are still a hard NO}, and his favorite is still Chuy’s. The boy will down four, yes FOUR bean and cheese burritos every time we go there. Then he won’t eat for 2 days. Kidding…
  • He says the best stuff, like “You da best mommy I never seen”, “I wov you soo much”, “we go to Chuy’s??” “Mama, I always wov finkles, kay?” (this is when we go to get yogurt and I ask if he wants sprinkles). Also, he says “yes” the cutest way. If you know him, you’ve heard it: “YESHH”.
  • He knows the names of every single car he has from the Disney Cars movies. And he has at least 30 of them. His favorites are the fast ones- Jeff Gorvett, Lewis, & Carla. And he sleeps with at least one of them every night!
  • He counts 20 and spells his name out loud. He is starting to try and color in the lines {like sissy} and loves play dough, painting, and anything art related.
  • He LOVES to go to other people’s houses. Every day he asks me “where we go, mama?”
  • He is just so sweet and kind! When we pray together, he will close his eyes hard and nod up and down like he is really listening. When you ask him what he wants to be when he gets bigger, he says “God!” Ha!

Oh, Jack. I want to freeze time and keep you at this age forever!! I will always remember your sweet voice and curly blonde hair. I don’t want you to be THREE, so I’m going to enjoy a few more months of your twos! We love you, Jackie!



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