Dallas Burgers 101

You know we love cheeseburgers. Have I shown you this pic??

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Yes, we look 12 years old. But the point is the T-shirts in the pic! They say I Heart Cheeseburgers! Years ago we lost a bet with our BFF’s and had to wear these shirts over our nice clothes on a double date. So, we brought the shirts along to Hawaii {ohhh, Hawaii, how I miss you!} and took a picture wearing them at Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

So, all of that to say, we know Cheeseburgers, people. And I’m here to give you the low-down on some great burgers {so far!} in Big D.

We tried two new places recently that have been on our list for quite some time, so after those were added I felt like I had a really good list to share with you.

Here are our top burgers in Dallas:

Maple & Motor– Love this little dive. Be prepared to wait in line. It’s not for kids. Small menu. Ordered Cheeseburger with Bacon and Jalapenos. HUGE burger, amazing meat, great bacon. Jalapenos were super spicy. LOVED this place. Recommended Side: Tater Tots (although the onion rings looked fab!)


Hopdoddy– This reminded us so much of NYC for some reason, except not the same people, of course. But the atmosphere was fun and trendy. Family friendly but probably better with kids in a non-peak time. The menu is full of different types of burgers. We tried two different ones and loved them both. Recommended Side: Truffle Oil Fries with Green Chile Queso. OMGoodness.


Twisted Root– This has been a favorite for a while. Love their burgers, fun atmosphere, best. sides. ever. Fried pickles and green beans? Yes, thankyouverymuch. Recommended side: anything. We go to the one at Campbell & 75 because it is more kid-friendly.

Tried and TrueT says it’s a tie between this burger and the burger at Maple & Motor for the best burger in Big D. Really fun atmosphere, especially on the patio.

The Porch– The Stodg Burger has Tillamook Cheddar, Bacon, and a fried egg, on a foie buttered bun. Need I say more?

Kellers Hamburgers- This reminds me of when I was pregnant with Jack. I would not eat lunch on purpose, then go to my dr’s appointment to weigh in, then drive straight to Keller’s and have a burger, fries, and shake. Terrible, I know.

Mooyah Burgers- With their recent development of the BEST SWEET POTATO FRIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, I’ve become a huge Mooyah fan. And their burgers are just as good as those fries (well, almost!).

We’ve also tried burgers at: Smashburger, Stackhouse, Wingfields, Keller’s, In-N-Out, Houston’s, and probably many more but those are the ones I can think of.

Still to try: Goodfriend…anywhere else, Dallas peeps? Hope this list helps you try out a few new burger places! You know we’ll be adding more to the list!


  1. Julie

    Thanks! I love recommendations for great places in DFW. I have a lunch date with my husband, so I told him we are trying Hopdoddy today!

    Sidenote: I found your blog when I googled “tips for Canton”, and then saw a picture of Marshall, who I work with at Merit. Small world! :)

    1. Author

      Julie! So fun! Marshall told me about you finding the blog- small world! Did you go to Hopdoddy?? Hope you liked it!

      1. Julie

        Yes, and I ate every last bite of my Llano Poblano burger…and regular fries! YUM! I need to try the queso ones next time. Thanks for the list!

  2. Brandi

    My husband and I use to go to Village Burger Bar when we lived in uptown. We still go on occasion, but don’t live as close anymore. We liked sitting on the patio when the weather was nice. The burgers were really good and they had lots of choices. The fries were my favorite of any other place.

    1. Author

      YUM! We love Village Burger Bar! Totally forgot to add it to the list! Thanks!!

  3. cort

    Oh my word, sherry! I just ate at off-site kitchen and had the most amazing burger. If you haven’t gone there yet, it should be next on your list!

    1. Author

      So funny, Trey has been there but I haven’t, so I couldn’t put it on the list! I can’t wait to go there!

  4. Swank

    I second Cort with OSK. The burgers aren’t huge, but they are full of flavor. If you haven’t gone yet, go when the weather is nice. And if you’re a fan of slaw, I’d recommend the Carolina – herby and vinegary and delicious.

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