Pumpkin Mantel.

I loved decorating our mantel for fall this year. The photo of the one I pinned for inspiration had lots of different pumpkins on it, so off to Central Market we went! The kids had a great time picking out all different kinds, and even I was surprised at all of the crazy ones they had! I loved some of the bigger ones, but our mantel is only a few inches deep, so we had to stick with smaller pumpkins. And, I didn’t let the kids pick out ones with warts. Those kind give me the heebie-jeebies! SICK! Anyway, I think our {wart-free} mantel turned out perfect!



I made the bunting last year with brown fabric, iron-on interfacing, light brown binding tape, and a hot glue gun. No sewing was required, which made it so easy. Now maybe I need to add a little saying to mine like Emily did to hers- too cute!

Inspiration photo here:


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      Yay! So glad you got to come see my house!! We need to see each other more than once a year, though!

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