Artwork Display

One thing I love about the kids going to Mother’s Day Out is the super cute artwork they bring home! But all those cute little creations combined with the things they make at church and what we do at home, our refrigerator is COVERED in artwork. And, because there is so much, even the heavy magnets can’t hold everything. This means I am constantly picking up artwork off the floor in the kitchen. This was driving me crazy.

One day last week I had enough. I knew we had a blank wall in our laundry room, so I looked on Pinterest for a few ideas. Then I headed straight to TJMaxx and found everything I needed- including that huge chalkboard {that was on clearance}! Here’s the before and after:

I added some silver clips onto the chalkboard to hold the artwork and I was done! I know it’s not perfect, but it is exactly what I needed to keep their artwork on display without having to pick it up off the kitchen floor every five minutes! I figured I could change out the kids’ school pictures every year, or maybe add more and make it a gallery wall…

Oh, y’all. It is so nice to have a cleaned off fridge and somewhere cute to display their work! But working in the laundry room {and seeing Jenn’s re-do} have me the itch for a makeover. I’m thinking new cabinets, a countertop, a built-in mud room bench, a new doorway and door {it’s an old folding door that drives me batty}, and maybe a sink?! HA. Add that to the long list of things I’d like to do in this house!

We have been working with a cabinet guy to get some built-ins done in the living room and an island in the kitchen to replace our breakfast table. He’s scheduled to start early January and I cannot wait! It will be nice to have a couple of projects marked off the list! Maybe he’ll do the laundry room next?!


  1. Lisa Williams

    I need to make something to display all of Molly’s school work too! I just need to get motivated :) and how exciting about the built-ins and island for the kitchen!

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