It’s the little things, #9

I can’t go one more day without telling you about my current love. Today’s “little things” have saved my summer!

Sad, but true, I wear these shorts almost every day! And I am loving my newest color- that mint green pictured on top! I pair them with a solid color tank {these are my current favorite}, my Valentine’s Day present, and a cute necklace and call it good! They are the perfect length and the fit feels great. And with the weather as hot at it is this week in Dallas, I am so thankful I have a few pairs to rotate throughout the week.

The shorts are the 5″ Chino Shorts from J.Crew {the colors I have are neon pink, grappa punch, and daiquiri ice}. They are regularly $45 a pair {no thank you} but I’ve found them on sale and sometimes with an extra 30% off. Right now a few colors are on sale online, and at the Willow Bend location they had more colors on sale so you may want to check your local store for a better selection.

So, if you see me around this summer, you’ll probably see these shorts too. Go get you a pair {or two!}. You’ll thank me when it’s 110 degrees in August!


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