Weekend Update {and it’s Birthday week!}

I’ve been in West Texas visiting the family for the last five days. We had a great visit catching up with cousins, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Chloe stayed a few extra days with my parents and every day we were there she would ask “Are you leaving today??” She wasn’t one bit sad when I finally headed back with Jack to Dallas. My mom and dad love to spoil her {and I don’t blame them!} so she was ready to be the absolute boss for a few days.

My niece Julianna turned 9 while we were there! My sister had just found out she was pregnant with her when T and I got married, so it just seems crazy to me that she is 9 years old. She and her sister are both such sweet girls.  Chloe, of course, adores them.

Here they are playing Just Dance on the Wii.

Poor Jack, he was the only boy cousin this time!

It was a great visit {the Moore girls even got to sneak away to a chick flick- we missed you Ames!} but I sure did miss my man. But, he was able to concentrate on work for a few days and not have to worry about working late, etc. I am thinking, though, that by day five, the house was too lonely and he was ready to see us!

After I got back, we were able to spend a lazy Sunday together and give Jack our undivided attention, which he completely loves. And we do, too. He is changing so much and we can’t get enough of his new words and funny mannerisms.

And now, it’s birthday week! Trey is off work today {Happy President’s Day!} so we plan on going on an outing with Jack and then I will do a few birthday errands sans kids. I can’t believe our girl will be four a week from today! I have absolutely, positively loved the age of three. I know four will be wonderful, but I definitely have a little ache in my heart that another year has come and gone. She is just becoming a big girl and I can’t help but remember those sweet little hands and tiny toes of four years ago and long to hold that baby again! See what I mean??? Big. Girl.

So, here’s your warning for a sappy week of blog posts. But, birthday week is going to be lots of fun too. Stay tuned!


  1. Lisa Williams

    What a great time with the fam. I love getting to go home. It is soooo SAD that our girls are turning four! Slow down!

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