I interrupt the regularly scheduled programming…

…of birthday week posts because this has recently entered my life and I am completely consumed.

We’ve watched all of Season One {Netflix} in two days. And, Season Two is only online until March 6th, so we have to move fast! Although, it will be a year until the next season so I suppose I could spread them out. But if you know me, you know I must know what I can as soon as possible. Lady Mary’s and Matthew’s fate may be determined and I am left wanting to know every detail!

{I typed this post while saying it aloud with my brilliant English accent. Ask Trey. I am really good at it. ;)}


  1. Jennifer

    I fell in love with it this weekend too. I only have 2 more episodes left of season 1, so I probably will have to wait until season 2 gets out on Netflix. I love it!

  2. Lisa Williams

    Haha I have really been wanting to watch this!!! I have heard great things. We have Netflix so I guess I need to get busy watching!

  3. Jennifer

    My hubby found the Barbie juice pouches at HEB. Hopefully they have them in Dallas too. And they apparently taste okay because EmmyKate drank one in about 2 seconds.

    1. Author

      I just found out about it a month or so ago from a few different blogs. It is totally P&P. You will LOVE IT.

  4. AmyD

    We are hooked as well! I am about to purchase Season 1 on BluRay since I do believe it will be watched more than once! I already saw the season finale to Season 2 which is somewhat tragical since now I will know the ending while I watch Season 1….BUT I know I will still enjoy all of the episodes!

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