Barbie Birthday Party

We had Chloe’s birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun! She wanted to have a girl-y party at the mall, and that’s just what we did! Get ready for a picture overload! First, we had cupcakes and presents!

Next up, we went to Sweet and Sassy for manicures!

Then we ended the party with playtime. It was such an easy party and the girls had a great time!

Then we had family over that night to celebrate again. Pizza and chocolate cake were her requests, so that made this party easy, too!

Chloe was giddy all day- she was just so happy that it was her party day! She loves being the center of attention, loves cupcakes and cake, loves presents, and loves her friends and family…. it was all of her favorites in one day.

And another successful birthday party goes down in the books. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, and we plan on spending it together doing more of her favorites. Four-years-old, here we come!

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