Armoire Reveal!

If you don’t remember, I bought an armoire back in November. My best friend Jennifer, who has some major decorating skillz,  spotted this beauty at a local resale shop and texted me right away. We knew it was perfect for a large nook in our Master Bathroom. It was $250, so with not a lot of persuading, Trey agreed that it was a steal!

While it found its home in our garage, I started pinning ideas as far as what color to paint it, and again with the help of Jenn we decided on a gray. Then, I found out about this stuff called chalk paint. Not chalkboard paint, just chalk paint. I googled “chalk paint blog tutorial” and got so many great ideas on using chalk paint and I knew that was the look I was going for. Everyone in the blog world was talking about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

It is expensive, but you don’t have to sand or prime! THIS was a huge factor in my decision. I’ve sanded and primed before and it is not my favorite thing to do. So, I found a local {in Frisco} place that stocks the paint and picked the perfect shade of gray- French Linen.

I bought one quart because I had read it goes a long way… and it does. I ended up having to go back for a second quart and used about 1/4 of it. {So now I have 3/4 of a quart for another project!}. I also bought a can of her clear wax and a wax brush.

The chalk paint was so easy to use! I just started painting. No sanding, no priming. I used a 2″ slanted brush {cheap one from Lowe’s}. The first coat showed some brush strokes, but by the time the second coat was dry, it was so smooth. I used a 3M buffing sponge {found in the painting section at Lowe’s} to buff away anything that wasn’t perfectly smooth.

I will say this was a labor of love, but only because the armoire is HUGE and the inside is HUGE as well…. so it was just a lot of painting. I watched this tutorial on waxing and after the second coat of paint was dry, I put on two coats of wax {drying 24 hours in between coats}. The wax was hard for me- I couldn’t see it so I just wasn’t sure I was doing it right. But, it sealed the paint and gave it an even smoother, matte finish.

I am in love! I still have a lot of work to do to fill it, but I am so happy with the end result. Here it is!!

We want it to be functional- a place to store stuff like towels and the lovely toilet paper pictured here. {I didn’t realize the hubs put the tp in there until I opened the doors to take this picture… oh well!} But, because there are a ton of shelves, I am now on the hunt for a few fun decor items to fill the empty space.  Any suggestions??


Now I need a large rug, curtains, new towels, and a few things to hang on the wall before this room is complete. But, the armoire definitely “makes” the room! What do you think?!


  1. Ashley

    I had to comment. This is FABULOUS. And truly inspiring. I am already looking around the room for something to paint. That armoire is perfect in that spot (and I LOVE the color). I see white accessories, silver knick-knacks (sp?) to adorn. Keeping pinning, you’ll find something :-)

    1. Author

      Thanks Ashley! Love the white accessories idea. I’m already planning on painting another piece of furniture with the chalk paint! Beware- it is addicting!!!

  2. Cortney

    great job, sherry! filling shelves is one of my favorite things to do. have you seen those giant pieces of coral? just a thought :)

    1. Author

      ooooohhhh love the idea of the coral! i love, love your taste. if you have more ideas, send them my way! but totally going to get me some big coral!!

  3. Emily

    Well done, you! I love how it turned out. So perfect for that space.

    My mom is planning on using that to re-purpose a dresser into a tv console. I’m glad to hear someone who isn’t a professional furniture refinisher have success with it.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Em! It really was easy, even though I chose a rather large piece of furniture for my first chalk paint project! I think your mom will be pleased with her tv console using it. There is also a tutorial on Miss Mustard Seed that was really good- I did a lot of blog research beforehand!

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