There is just one thing I neeeeeed.

Ok, maybe not just one. Alas, here is my {Under $100} Christmas wish list. You can click on the picture to get all of the sources.

1. Capri Blue Candle, Volcano, from Anthropologie. Yes, that’s the scent you smell when you get home and unwrap your Anthropologie goods. I’ve never had one of their candles, but I’ve always wanted my house to smell like that!

2. Comfy sweatshirt from JCrew. I have a knock-off of this from Target and you can ask Trey- I wear it almost every day. It is sad, I know. But I would love to upgrade to this version. A comfy gray sweatshirt is probably one of my top five favorite things of all times.

3. Williams Sonoma Christmas Carols Mugs. I want a set of Christmas coffee mugs, and these are beautiful!

4. Anthropologie Spoon Rest. Pretty much anything from Anthropologie that is under $100 should go on this list. But I love this spoon rest!

5. Joule sweatshirt. I saw it on this blog and I love sweatshirts {see #2}. It is 59 Euros. Is that under $100? Too lazy to google that, but I want it no matter what.

6. Le Creuset baking dish. I love this color.

7. Anthropologie dish towel. I got the Birthday one from Krista for my birthday and I love it. Now I need to make it part of a collection.

8. Kate Spade iPhone case. My Otterbox has seen better days and I’m ready for something pretty and not practical.

9. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. Jenn says it’s the best. I can’t wait to try it!

10. Anthropologie Pot Holders. Again, I’ll take anything from their kitchen section. However, my pot holders are mostly wedding gifts. That means they are 10 years old. So, technically, I need these.

Oh, I almost forgot. In my Over $100 Christmas Wish List Post, I mentioned some knock off Lululemon Groove Pants. I got this Target version and I love them. They may not be “magic” like the groove pant, but they are definitely meeting the need of a comfy yoga pant to accompany my gray sweatshirt from Target!



  1. Carla

    I, too, love the Kate Spade cover but wanted to warn you. I’ve had too of these (previous colors) and when dropped they chip/crack on the edge where it snaps together. HOWEVER, I found really cute covers at that are amazing! They are unique designs and have weathered many drops. Check them out! They are also for a great cause.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for letting me know that, Carla! T actually bought me that Kate Spade one for Christmas… I’ll let you know if I have the same problems you did. I’m sure I will because dropping my phone happens often ;(

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