Project Organization.

I love organization & consider myself an organized person.

Disclaimer: my house has many rooms/closets/drawers/cabinets that you would look at and laugh at the previous statement.

But I do love to get organized and stay organized. Like my pantry. It looks just the same as it did in the pictures I took months ago! I am still loving it & want to do similar projects in other areas of the house. So, I am on a self-guided mission to reorganize one thing per week. That sounds easy enough, right?

For this week’s “Project Organization” I was inspired by this pin.


Since MDO and my job are starting up again soon, organizing our routine {like meals and cleaning} was a great place to start. I usually plan our meals out each week on Sunday, and there is a great printable from the pin above that lists out the days of the week and has a place for your grocery list.

From the same website I also edited and printed a weekly cleaning calendar. This is something I’ve used in the past {from FlyLady} and it has worked great. I still do FlyLady’s routine of a load of laundry every day and a clean sink every night, but I have been terrible about doing a specific routine of cleaning house. Lately it has been an all-day, panic-mode-because-we-are-having-company, entire house cleaning. That is SO not how Fly Lady says to keep a house in order! I’m hoping this helps me get back to a routine of doing a little every day.

Also, there is a great printable for daily organization (#1 on picture above).  It has everything I need on a daily planning sheet! It even has a place to check of my water intake, which is something I am totally NOT good at remembering.

I’m thinking these printables will be a lifesaver when we get back into our regular routine in a couple of weeks. I’ve already loved using them. I hope you find them useful, too!

The next thing to organize will be this:

See. I thought you’d laugh when I say I’m organized. My make-up drawer is insane. IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS. Inspired by this post, the madness of my this drawer will soon be a victim of Project Organization!


  1. Shayla

    Thanks so much for linking to the printable planners on my blog! I’m super impressed by your pantry makeover (the chalkboard labels are adorable!). I’m looking forward to coming back and reading more!

    1. Author

      Aw thanks! It was a fun project!

      Love, love your blog. So glad I found you from Pinterest! And, I saw that you are an Aggie! Me too, class of 2002. So fun to connect with another Aggie blogger!

  2. Ashley

    Once again, I am inspired. Love these ideas. If you could only see my pantry. Ridiculous. Disgusting. Can’t find a thing. Might have to make this a goal for the weekend. I love the planners from Pin. I put in for my invite, but I have yet to get one – is that how Pinterest works? Is it a while before you receive an invite? Anyway – will be looking for these chalkboard labels for sure! Thanks!!

    1. Author

      Thanks Ashley! I sent you an invite just now to pinterest. See if that works! It is so fun and totally addicting!!

  3. Emily

    Hello pretty lady! Did you see the buzz on Twitter for Erin Condren’s Life Planner? I’m ordering mine sometime this weekend when I have a moment. Supposedly it is perfect to help get yo-self organized. {And super duper cute!}

    1. Author

      Omygoodness. Love it. $50 is steep but I think it will be worth it!! Maybe birthday money put to good use??! Thanks so much for the info!

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