Fourth of July

We had a great, looong holiday weekend! We celebrated the fourth by going to our neighborhood parade. This was our first year to participate, and we realized that no one actually watches the parade, but everyone in the neighborhood is IN the parade! We were one of only a handful of families who set up chairs to watch, but the kids still loved it. We’ll be sure to decorate the wagon and be in the parade next year!

Mia came along and we are so glad she did. Chloe and Mia have so much fun together. Snow cones, a bounce house, and a little hula-hooping made their day! Poor Jack, it was during his nap time so he was so sleepy but he made it without really getting upset.  (oh, and he LOVED the fire truck! such a boy!)


  1. Katie

    It looks like you had a great 4th of July! Your family & blog are both adorable!

    Stopping by from Jenna’s Journey!

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