25 things I love about Dallas


We’ve lived in the Dallas area for 9 years. That’s a long time, folks. From someone who was born in West Texas, it took me a while to love this big place. But, alas, I DO. So, today I though I’d share 25 of my favorite things about Dallas. I’m sure I could think of more, but 25 sounds like a good number to start with. They are in no particular order.

  1. Northpark Mall. Best shopping in DFW. Period.
  2. The plethora of taco stands. Torchy’s Tacos is my new fave.
  3. Chuy’s. Need I say more?
  4. The Cowboys. Always been a fan. I still love you, Troy.
  5. The Mavericks. 2011 NBA Champions. I heart Dirk.
  6. The Rangers. Love me a hot dog at The Ballpark.
  7. Keller’s Hamburgers. Poppy-seed bun? YES.
  8. Neiman Marcus. Hello.
  9. Joe T. Garcia’s. Technically not Dallas, but Fort Worth is close enough.
  10. The State Fair of Texas. Corn Dog. Fried Anything.
  11. Fearings. BEST. MEAL. EVER.
  12. The Mansion at Turtle Creek. Where we celebrated our first anniversary.
  13. The SMU Campus. Beautiful wedding chapel and also great for an after-dinner, date-night stroll with the hubs.
  14. West Village. Love to shop and eat here. Especially when it is not 100 degrees outside.
  15. Society Bakery. I said this list was in no particular order, because if  it was, you know where this would be. Bring on the cupcakes.
  16. Five-Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. 30th birthday celebrated here. The bomb.
  17. Tillman’s Roadhouse. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Anytime.
  18. Central Market. I love to take the kids here for a lunchtime outing.
  19. Freebirds. This love carried over from College Station.
  20. Sample House & Candleshop. Best place to buy a gift. For myself.
  21. Chiloso. It followed us from Rockwall and we are so happy.
  22. In-N-Out Burger. Praise the LORD this made it to Texas.
  23. Pokey O’s. Soft and gooey Snickerdoodle with Blue Bell. Thankyouverymuch.
  24. The Dallas Arboretum. Beautiful. Anytime of the year, but especially during “Dallas Blooms”.
  25. Cafe Brazil. Their coffee bar is the best. And their french toast is pretty great, too.

What do you love about where you live?


  1. Jennifer

    Your list had me cracking up because I think you might have been a little hungry when you typed it up. Even your places that aren’t restaurants had a food reference next to it. And now you are making me hungry for a juicy hamburger from In-N-Out Burger and we don’t have one here in Houston!

    1. Author

      Girl I am always hungry!! Ha!! I’m sure Houston will get an In-N-Out soon now that they’ve made their way to Texas!

  2. Cortney

    i love this! i have made a list of my own, i hope you don’t mind (some are the same as yours!)
    p.s. i’m hungry.

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