Pantry Re-Do!

My friend Meg over at I like it, I love it, posted her pantry re-do a few weeks ago. It so inspired me to get my mess of a pantry in order! I pretty much copied her idea and ran with it.  I did everything in less than 24 hours, including buying the baskets and making the chalkboard labels. This goes to show you that I am an instant-gratification-kind-of-gal. Once I start something, I can’t wait for it to be done. Oh yeah except for my Master bedroom… I know I still haven’t posted after pictures… but it is almost done and I can’t bear to put up pics before it’s completed. Sorry to keep you waiting on that one. Trey just surprised me with the rug I had wanted forever, so just a few more details and it will be ready for your viewing pleasure.

For now, this pantry re-do will have to suffice. I had so much fun doing it!

Here’s a before picture that I took after I started clearing off a shelf. Please don’t point out the {insane} amount of kid cereals we have, the {lovely} hole in the wall (don’t ask), or the {ridiculous} plethora of paper goods coming out of the top shelf. It’s much better now!


And here’s the after!



I bought all of the baskets at my first visit ever to Christmas Tree Shops. Their slogan is “Don’t you just love a bargain?” Why, yes, I do, thankyouverymuch. The baskets were like $30 for ALL of them, including ones in the next cabinet over that is our second pantry. I will be going back to shop there for sure.


I painted wood plaques from Michael’s with chalkboard paint, drilled holes, and then used copper wire to secure them to the baskets. In her post, Meg talked about chalkboard pens and I couldn’t be more excited about a writing instrument. They are second only to Sharpie pens. They come in all colors too! I will be using these suckers on lots of other projects.


I bought the glass containers at Wal-Mart and made my own chalkboard labels using my Cricut and chalkboard sticker paper. A pack of three sheets was only $1.99 at Michael’s and it made 32 labels. Score! Again, don’t hate on me about the cereal… it is ridiculous, I know. Sad thing is, only two of the boxes are “Chloe’s”. If you didn’t already know this, kid cereals {specifically Lucky Charms} are a huge part of my life.

The pantry re-do got me on an organization kick. I cleaned up the messy cabinet of sippy cups/plates/bowls for the kids and revamped my entire craft closet. And continuing with the organization theme, I have to show you my best idea yet. Introducing….


HOOKS for my kids’ 1,001 bags! Whoohooo! Since we have a diaper bag, 2 school bags, a swim bag, a library bag, and my purse (or two), our laundry room was overwhelmed with BAGS! Now they each have their own hook (purchased at Lowe’s) and I am soooo happy about that!

Organizing the pantry might have been the greatest love gesture I’ve made to my husband yet. He loves him some organization and he didn’t even complain when he saw I had spent a little cash to fix it up! In total, the pantry re-do was under $80, which is money well spent. It is amazing what an organized pantry does for a home. Inspired yet?? I hope so!


  1. Lauren Madeley

    I LOVE the chalkboard labels. We have an open pantry in our laundry room on elfa shelving and this is a perfect idea!! Hope you guys are doing well – I hear updates from the Dempsey’s.

  2. Lisa Williams

    Umm I love the pantry! I love me some organizing but am not always motivated till I see how great some body elses looks :) And a chalkboard pen. I so want to do this!

  3. Scarlett

    Sherry, I love this idea! I hope you don’t mind me stealing it! Thanks for inspiring me! Where is the Christmas Shop?:)

  4. Meg Conner

    Sherry!! I just found your blog again and the pantry looks great! Your kiddos are adorable. Hope ya’ll are doing well!

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  6. Kathrina

    Hello. Your project is very cool. I love it. Thank you for the ideas.
    I painted a small portion of one of the walls in my kitchen with the chalkboard paint but then I don’t like messy chalks so I don’t use it. Now I am very excited about this chalk ink.

    Can I ask you where did you get your chalk ink pens? Is there a retail store where I can get them? I just see the website but I can’t pay with pay pal in the website.

    I would appreciate the information.


    1. Sherry

      Hi Kathrina! I bought my Chalk Ink pens at a Michael’s Craft Supply store so if you have one in your area, that would be the first place I would try!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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