Inspired by Compassion Bloggers in Guatemala

Have you read this? Or this? Or this? ?? Holy cow, these are some amazing stories.

Honorine is our Compassion story. She’s a 6 year old girl with the same birthday as our Chloe. She lives in Togo, a country in West Africa. We started sponsoring her a year ago, and we have been so blessed to get to know her through her letters. When we get one, Chloe looks forward to see what pictures she’s drawn for us, and then we spend time together drawing pictures, printing pictures of our family, and writing a letter to her. It is hopefully teaching Chloe that there are so many children that have so little and need our help. They need our money, our time, our love, and our prayers.

Reading on the Compassion Blogger’s website about these sweet children in Guatemala makes me want to sponsor ten more! If you haven’t heard of Compassion or have not sponsored a child, please visit their website to learn how.

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