Boots the Dog


We never thought we’d own a dog. We would have bet a hundred $$ that we would never have an inside dog. We probably would have bet our lives that a dog would never sleep with us. Well, we have a dog, an inside dog, and he hops to the foot of our bed every night to fall asleep. Yes, we are proud parents of a Maltese-Poodle mix named Boots. I convinced Trey to let us get a dog two years ago, and our lives have changed forever! Who knew a dog could bring this much joy? Boots sure does! The name comes from the night Trey and I met. Long story short, he was dressed up as a G.I. Joe (we were at a costume party in college) and he named himself Boots McCormick…hence the name Boots for our dog. He is a great dog… except when he misbehaves occasionally. He tends to be sneaky when we’re not looking, always getting into something he shouldn’t, but for the most part, he is wonderful company for both of us and for now, he completes our little family.

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